Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Amabel Fitz William

Female - Bef 1201

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Dagmar Wetmore
Female 1888-1984
Henrietta Gray
Female 1811-1891
Ignatius Sargent
Male 1800-1884
Mary Brooks
Female 1769-1842
Samuel Gray
Male 1760-1816
Abigail Brown
Female 1732-1800
Rev. John Brown
Male 1696-1742
Nathaniel Saltonstall
Male Abt 1639-1707
Elizabeth Ward
Female 1647-1741
Muriel Gurdon
Female Abt 1613-Bef 1688
Grace Kaye
Female Bef 1579-Bef 1625
Richard Saltonstall
Male Bef 1586-Bef 1661
Robert Kaye
Male -Bef 1620
Dorothy Mauleverer
Female Abt 1528-Bef 1590
John Kaye
Male Abt 1528-Bef 1594
John Markenfield
Male -Bef 1497
Female -Bef 1786
Mary Sewall
Female 1659-1694
Col. George Brent
Male Abt 1640-1700
Jane Lowe
Female Bef 1633-1701
Vincent Lowe
Male Bef 1592-Aft 1638
Anne Cavendish
Female -Aft 1638
Patrick Lowe
Male Abt 1562-1617
John Harpur
Male Abt 1546-1622
Joan Empson
Female -Aft 1510
John Melton
Male Abt 1377-1455
Anthony de Lucy
Male 1283-1343
Thomas de Lucy
Male -Bef 1305
Alan de Multon
Male -Aft 1255
Alice Vere
Female -Abt 1431
Lewis John
Male -1442
Sylvia Wright
Female 1917-1981
Phyllis Wright
Female 1919-2007
Lowell King
Male 1920-1969
Rev. Charles Fay
Male 1808-1888
Harriet Howard
Female 1782-1847
Samuel Howard
Male Abt 1752-1797
Anna Lillie
Female Abt 1760-1804
Martha Goffe
Female 1733-Bef 1808
Ebenezer Howard
Male 1730-1784
William Goffe
Male 1687-Aft 1736
Abigail Richardson
Female 1695-Aft 1737
Elizabeth Clement
Female Bef 1634-Bef 1684
William Sumner
Male Bef 1629-1675
Augustine Clement
Male Abt 1603-1674
Gilbert Bullock
Male -Bef 1514
Joan de Vere
Female -Aft 1467
William Norreys
Male Abt 1441-Bef 1507
John de Vere
Male 1408-1462
Elizabeth Howard
Female Abt 1410-Abt 1473
Richard de Vere
Male Abt 1385-1417
Aubrey Vere
Male 1340-1400
John Fitz Walter
Male Abt 1315-1361
Eleanor de Percy
Female -Bef 1361
Thomas de Multon
Male 1276-Bef 1322
Eleanor de Burgh
Female 1282-Aft 1326
Thomas de Multon
Male -Bef 1287
Thomas de Multon
Male Abt 1225-Bef 1294
Amabil de Lucy
Female -Bef 1242
Ada de Morville
Female -Aft 1230
Emma de Harcourt
Female -Aft 1270
Cecily de Lucy
Female -Aft 1230
Thomas Dudley
Male Bef 1608-
Mary Winthrop
Female 1612-1643
Anne Lake
Female 1663-1737
Mary Wasley
Female 1818-1903
John Milo Ford
Male 1957-2006
Ziba Hazen
Male 1812-1872
Samuel Hazen
Male 1777-Abt 1853
Elizabeth DeWitt
Female 1775-1850
Samuel Hazen
Male 1749-Aft 1812
Mercy Bradstreet
Female Bef 1689-1725
John Hazen
Male 1688-1772
John Bradstreet
Male 1653-1718
Sarah Perkins
Female 1657-1745
Anne Dudley
Female Abt 1610-1672
Patience Dudley
Female Abt 1612-1690
Daniel Denison
Male Bef 1612-1682
Abigail Leete
Female Abt 1650-1710
Nelson Doubleday
Male 1889-1949
Horace Dickinson
Male 1780-1832
Lemuel Dickinson
Male 1753-1835
Mary Ward
Female 1649-1685
Mercy Dudley
Female 1621-1691
Dorothy Yorke
Female Bef 1583-1643
Susanna Dorne
Female Bef 1560-Aft 1588
Mary Purefoy
Female -Aft 1589
Anne Fettiplace
Female 1496-1568
Edward Purefoy
Male 1494-1558
Elizabeth Bessiles
Female Abt 1475-Bef 1520
John St. John
Male -Bef 1432
John de St. John
Male -Bef 1316
Female -Bef 1316
John de St. John
Male Bef 1196-Bef 1230
Female -Aft 1265
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Reynold de Lucy
Male -Abt 1199