Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Lyme, New London, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ely, Maj. Daniel  1693Lyme, New London, Connecticut I18644
2 Ely, Elizabeth  11 Oct 1724Lyme, New London, Connecticut I22322
3 Ely, Richard  27 Oct 1697Lyme, New London, Connecticut I22323
4 Lee, Benjamin  4 Sep 1712Lyme, New London, Connecticut I18609
5 Lee, Nancy Atwater  30 Apr 1787Lyme, New London, Connecticut I18194
6 Lord, Col. Abner  9 Mar 1733Lyme, New London, Connecticut I22319
7 Lord, Abner  24 Aug 1760Lyme, New London, Connecticut I22317
8 Lord, Elizabeth "Betsy"  16 Jul 1784Lyme, New London, Connecticut I20863
9 Lord, Thomas  22 Sep 1694Lyme, New London, Connecticut I22361
10 Marvin, Esther  3 Apr 1707Lyme, New London, Connecticut I22362
11 Marvin, Capt. Reinold  1669Lyme, New London, Connecticut I22363
12 Peck, Deborah  31 Jul 1672Lyme, New London, Connecticut I10197
13 Selden, Mary  22 Apr 1761Lyme, New London, Connecticut I22318


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  5 Dec 1683Lyme, New London, Connecticut I18793
2 Colt, Capt. John  2 Jan 1751Lyme, New London, Connecticut I22355
3 Ely, Maj. Daniel  14 Mar 1776Lyme, New London, Connecticut I18644
4 Ely, Richard  24 Nov 1684Lyme, New London, Connecticut I18648
5 Kirtland, Sarah  21 May 1676Lyme, New London, Connecticut I18642
6 Lee, Lt. Thomas  5 Dec 1704Lyme, New London, Connecticut I18638
7 Lord, Thomas  4 Aug 1762Lyme, New London, Connecticut I22361
8 Marvin, Lt. Reinold  1676Lyme, New London, Connecticut I23004
9 Marvin, Capt. Reinold  18 Oct 1737Lyme, New London, Connecticut I22363
10 Parker, Sarah  14 Sep 1726Lyme, New London, Connecticut I28626
11 Peck, Joseph  25 Nov 1718Lyme, New London, Connecticut I28625
12 Smith, Elizabeth  10 Aug 1750Lyme, New London, Connecticut I18647
13 Smith, Richard  Aft 1680Lyme, New London, Connecticut I16244
14 Whitmore, Joseph  29 Apr 1727Lyme, New London, Connecticut I16122

Alternate death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate death    Person ID 
1 Ely, William  2 Mar 1718Lyme, New London, Connecticut I18646
2 Smith, Richard  1682Lyme, New London, Connecticut I16244


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Lee / DeWolf  13 Jul 1676Lyme, New London, Connecticut F13855
2 Lee / Smith  8 Feb 1692Lyme, New London, Connecticut F11306
3 Lord /   22 Dec 1693Lyme, New London, Connecticut F13501
4 Lord / Marvin  28 Dec 1727Lyme, New London, Connecticut F13499
5 Lord / Selden  7 Nov 1782Lyme, New London, Connecticut F13477
6 Peck / Parker  Abt 1662Lyme, New London, Connecticut F17064