Nielsen Hayden genealogy

North Carolina



Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hammonds, Willoughby  North Carolina I9302
2 Robinson, James H.  North Carolina I35157
3 White, Richard  North Carolina I11841
4 Butler, Christopher  Bef 1724North Carolina I1418
5 White, John  Between 1750 and 1755North Carolina I7361
6 Butler, Elias  Abt 1745-1761North Carolina I2298
7 Unicy  21 Nov 1766North Carolina I1963
8 Blanshard, Mourning  Mar 1768North Carolina I10836
9 Parker, John M.  1772North Carolina I4051
10 Carrel, Elizabeth  1775North Carolina I8415
11 Meadows, Dorcus  Abt 1775North Carolina I10649
12 Worley, Wiley  Abt 1775North Carolina I10647
13 Davis, William "Billie"  1776North Carolina I1942
14 Jacobs, Mary  1781North Carolina I9252
15 Janeway, Benjamin  Abt 1783North Carolina I31110
16 Freeman, William  Abt 1784North Carolina I35207
17 Marshall, Elizabeth  Abt 1784North Carolina I35208
18 Childers, (Unknown)  1785North Carolina I31111
19 Workman, Elizabeth  2 Jul 1791North Carolina I5597
20 Parker, Luke  17 Dec 1793North Carolina I1514
21 Parker, Cynthia  1794North Carolina I1353
22 Parker, Jesse  1795North Carolina I3819
23 Meadors, Mary Polly  23 Sep 1795North Carolina I11706
24 Parker, George Washington  1798North Carolina I3710
25 Workman, Margaret  1798North Carolina I1700
26 Freeman, Nancy  14 May 1798North Carolina I12476
27 Cates, Dorothy Alan  1800North Carolina I2442
28 Patrick, Bryant  Abt 1800North Carolina I235
29 Workman, Pleasant Green  1800North Carolina I1562
30 Parker, John  5 Jun 1801North Carolina I11868
31 Parker, Martin  1802North Carolina I2661
32 Jacobs, Sallie  1803North Carolina I1554
33 Richardson, Rutha  1804North Carolina I11512
34 Jacobs, Jesse  1805North Carolina I2698
35 Worley, Willis  17 Jan 1806North Carolina I10633
36 Parker, James Pryor  20 Dec 1806North Carolina I191
37 Jacobs, Joseph R  15 Jan 1807North Carolina I5032
38 Freeman, Nancy  1808North Carolina I35144
39 Workman, Berry  1808North Carolina I6384
40 Watson, Perrin S.  Abt 1809North Carolina I35133
41 Jacobs, Elizabeth  12 Oct 1812North Carolina I6563
42 Britt, Zachariah  Abt 1814North Carolina I35143
43 Ward, Thompson Ivy  Abt 1816North Carolina I10268
44 Freeman, Elizabeth  Abt 1820North Carolina I35362
45 Robinson, Lawson Franklin  26 Jan 1831North Carolina I35155
46 Britt, Ezekiel Rufus "Zeak"  1847North Carolina I35142
47 Britt, Margaret Ann  9 Dec 1869North Carolina I35128


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 McEwen, Katherine  North Carolina I18087
2 Sellars, Angus  North Carolina I18083
3 Butler, Christopher  Bef 27 Jul 1703North Carolina I1875
4 White, Richard  Between 23 Jun 1754 and Jun 1757North Carolina I8985
5 Ann  Bef 1788North Carolina I1479
6 McCallum, Daniel  7 Feb 1807North Carolina I18081
7 Sellars, Isabel  3 Feb 1814North Carolina I18082
8 Freeman, Joel Terrill  1873North Carolina I4314

Alternate birth

Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate birth    Person ID 
1 Flynn, Thomas  Between 1720 and 1730North Carolina I1714
2 Rapier, Sarah  Abt 1778North Carolina I9709
3 Rapier, Sarah  Abt 1779North Carolina I9709
4 Marshall, Elizabeth  Abt 1789North Carolina I35208
5 Davis, Sarah "Sally" Elizabeth  8 Sep 1802North Carolina I5494
6 Workman, John Mack  Abt 1805North Carolina I152
7 Watson, Perrin S.  Abt 1808North Carolina I35133
8 Sego, Mary  Abt 1811North Carolina I10217
9 Freeman, Joel Terrill  1813North Carolina I4314
10 Freeman, Elizabeth  Abt 1818North Carolina I35362
11 Freeman, Elizabeth  Abt 1821North Carolina I35362
12 Patrick, Sarah "Sally"  13 Jan 1831North Carolina I4895
13 Moore, Morris C.  Abt 1834North Carolina I30616
14 Britt, Ezekiel Rufus "Zeak"  1846North Carolina I35142
15 Richardson, Lydia Martha  Abt 1846North Carolina I35145
16 Britt, Ezekiel Rufus "Zeak"  1848North Carolina I35142
17 Richardson, Lydia Martha  1849North Carolina I35145

Alternate death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate death    Person ID 
1 Sperry, Miriam  North Carolina I9712


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McCallum / Sellars  1773North Carolina F11059
2 Sumner / Blanshard  3 Apr 1784North Carolina F6390
3 Freeman / Moore  1788North Carolina F3510
4 Davis / Rapier  Between 1795 and 1800North Carolina F2717
5 Workman / Williams  1796North Carolina F647
6 Morgan / Britt  1885North Carolina F20644