Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Branford, New Haven, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barker, Sibyl  25 Nov 1740Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38501
2 Harrison, Jerusha  1706Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I21295
3 Harrison, John  1 Mar 1671Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I21306
4 Linsley, Abigail  2 Jun 1767Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38420
5 Linsley, Ebenezer  18 Jul 1736Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38500
6 Linsley, Ebenezer  15 Oct 1764Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38536
7 Linsley, Harriet  15 Jun 1790Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38533
8 Russell, Abigail  24 Dec 1717Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38502
9 Russell, Betsy  9 Feb 1765Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38537
10 Russell, Col. John  24 Jan 1686Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38506
11 Tyler, Anson  6 Dec 1788Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38532
12 Tyler, Harriet Louisa  10 Aug 1819Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38416
13 Ward, Mary  20 Oct 1662Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I20324


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Mary  29 Oct 1658Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I14512
2 Harrison, Ensign Thomas  1704Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I21310
3 Harrison, Jerusha  2 Jun 1786Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I21295
4 Harrison, Richard  25 Oct 1653Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I21312
5 Linsley, Ebenezer  8 Nov 1822Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38500
6 Linsley, Ebenezer  16 Feb 1851Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38536
7 Nettleton, Samuel  Aft Oct 1658Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I14510
8 Plumb, John  1 Aug 1648Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I1297
9 Russell, Betsy  21 Dec 1846Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38537
10 Russell, Ithiel  26 Mar 1772Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I16665
11 Russell, Col. John  7 Jul 1757Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I38506
12 Russell, Rev. Samuel  25 Jun 1731Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I21296
13 Swaine, William  Aft 1656Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I20585
14 Whiting, Abigail  7 May 1733Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I21297

Alternate death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alternate death    Person ID 
1 Plumb, John  Jul 1648Branford, New Haven, Connecticut I1297


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Linsley / Barker  17 Dec 1760Branford, New Haven, Connecticut F22610
2 Linsley / Russell  18 Oct 1789Branford, New Haven, Connecticut F22628
3 Lyman / Plumb  12 Jan 1655Branford, New Haven, Connecticut F11202
4 Tyler / Linsley  10 Jul 1811Branford, New Haven, Connecticut F22626
5 Ward / Carter  1 Jan 1658Branford, New Haven, Connecticut F12568