Nielsen Hayden genealogy

Tower Hill, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wyndham, John  6 May 1502Tower Hill, London, England I16910
2 Tyrrell, William  23 Feb 1462Tower Hill, London, England I18133
3 Peter, Rev. Hugh  16 Oct 1660Tower Hill, London, England I27166
4 Grey, Jane Queen of England  12 Feb 1554Tower Hill, London, England I23994
5 Grey, Henry  23 Feb 1554Tower Hill, London, England I24042
6 Graham, John  Bef 7 Mar 1347Tower Hill, London, England I27473
7 Empson, Richard Speaker of the House of Commons  17 Aug 1510Tower Hill, London, England I21115
8 Dudley, John  22 Aug 1553Tower Hill, London, England I23991
9 Dudley, Guildford  12 Feb 1554Tower Hill, London, England I23993
10 Dudley, Edmund  18 Aug 1510Tower Hill, London, England I23980
11 de Vere, John  26 Feb 1462Tower Hill, London, England I22849
12 Darcy, Thomas  30 Jun 1537Tower Hill, London, England I27613
13 Carew, Nicholas  3 Mar 1540Tower Hill, London, England I2584
14 Boleyn, Anne Queen Consort of England  19 May 1536Tower Hill, London, England I16703
15 Berners, James  Abt 12 May 1388Tower Hill, London, England I14349
16 Beauchamp, John  12 May 1388Tower Hill, London, England I34102