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Michael Spencer

Male Bef 1611 - Bef 1653  (< 42 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Michael Spencer was born before 5 May 1611; died before 29 Nov 1653 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts.

    Other Events:

    • Baptised: 5 May 1611, Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England


    From Donald Lines Jacobus, "The Four Spencer Brothers -- Their Ancestors and Descendants" (citation details below):

    Michael(1) Spencer, baptized at Stotfold, Beds, England, 5 May 1611, died at Lynn, Mass., in 1653; married Isabel ______, who died at Salem, Mass., 9 Oct 1674, having married second, Thomas Robbins, a carpenter, of Salem, born about 1618, living 1681. Robbins married second, 11 Mar 1674/5, Mary (Gould), widow of Richard Bishop.

    Michael is the only one of the four brothers of whose family we lack a complete account. Administration on his estate was granted, 29 Nov 1653, to Gerard Spencer, who was also then living in Lynn, and Gerard was called his brother when he brought in the inventory. The estate was small and was ordered sold "for the bringing up of Michael's children." On 30 Nov 1654 we read that Thomas Robbins of Salem had some of the estate and, with the consent of Gerard Spencer, was to keep it, as Robbins had a child of the deceased to bring up, Michael, aged six years. This is almost certain evidence that Michael's widow had married Robbins, especially as in 1657 she is mentioned as having a young son.

    It is possible that Isabel was not the first wife of Michael Spencer, and that he had more children than have been discovered. His proved son Michael settled in East Greenwich, R.I., where a John Spencer had earlier settled. That, and the fact that John named a son Michael, establishes a presumption that John was an older son of Michael of Lynn. There is, moreover, some direct evidence. The will of Michael(2) of East Greenwich in 1723 named his friend and kinsman Major Thomas Fry and Thomas Spencer overseers. The latter was a son of John(2), and obviously chosen because he was a relative. Major Thomas Fry was a prominent man, later Deputy-Governor. Michael Spencer witnessed a deed, 11 Mar 1688/9, which this Thomas Fry of East Greenwich had from his father, Thomas Fry, Sr. On 14 July 1710, Thomas Fry deeded to his "cousin" John Spencer, for love, 13 1/2 rods for a burial place. This was John(3) Spencer Jr., son of John(2). It thus appears that both Spencer families of East Greenwich, those of John and Michael, were related in some way to Thomas Fry.

    The notion that John Spencer of East Greenwich was nephew of John Spencer of Newbury has already been considered and dismissed as false in the first chapter of our account. We conclude that John was son of Michael(1).

    Michael married Isabel before 1640. Isabel died on 9 Oct 1674. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. 2. John Spencer  Descendancy chart to this point was born before 1640; died in 1684 in East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  John Spencer Descendancy chart to this point (1.Michael1) was born before 1640; died in 1684 in East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island.


    A founder of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, he was granted land for his service in King Philip's War.

    "He evidently came here directly from Newport, where he had been made a freeman in 1668. His wife was Susannah Griffin."
    [The History of East Greenwich, Rhode Island 1677-1960]

    Torrey calls him "Dr. John Spencer."

    John married Susannah before 1666. Susannah died in 1719. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. 3. Capt. Robert Spencer  Descendancy chart to this point was born on 6 Nov 1674 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island; died in 1748 in Exeter, Washington, Rhode Island.

Generation: 3

  1. 3.  Capt. Robert Spencer Descendancy chart to this point (2.John2, 1.Michael1) was born on 6 Nov 1674 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island; died in 1748 in Exeter, Washington, Rhode Island.

    Robert married Theodosia Whaley on 15 Jul 1697 in Kingston, South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. 4. Joanna Spencer  Descendancy chart to this point was born on 30 Sep 1711 in East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island.

    Robert married Susanna Babcock on 7 Nov 1723. Susanna (daughter of John Badcock and Mary Lawton) died after 1740. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    Robert married Martha Whaley about 1741. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

Generation: 4

  1. 4.  Joanna Spencer Descendancy chart to this point (3.Robert3, 2.John2, 1.Michael1) was born on 30 Sep 1711 in East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island.

    Joanna married George Reynolds on 14 Sep 1729 in North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island. George (son of Joseph Reynolds and Susanna Babcock) was born on 14 Aug 1708 in North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island; died before 2 Apr 1781 in Exeter, Washington, Rhode Island. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. 5. Sarah Reynolds  Descendancy chart to this point

Generation: 5

  1. 5.  Sarah Reynolds Descendancy chart to this point (4.Joanna4, 3.Robert3, 2.John2, 1.Michael1)


    She is probably the Sarah Reynolds shown as born 11 Aug, year not known, to George and Hannah Reynolds of North Kingstown, in Vital Records of Rhode Island 1636-1850, first series, volume 5, page 95. Hannah could be a mistake for Joanna. She was definitely a daughter of George and Joanna Reynolds; George called her "Sarah Wells" in his will.

    Sarah married Benjamin Wells in 1764 in Lisbon, St. Lawrence, New York. Benjamin (son of Peter Wells and Elizabeth Sweet) was born on 24 Dec 1745 in West Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. 6. Susannah Wells  Descendancy chart to this point was born on 23 Apr 1767 in Hebron, Washington, New York.

Generation: 6

  1. 6.  Susannah Wells Descendancy chart to this point (5.Sarah5, 4.Joanna4, 3.Robert3, 2.John2, 1.Michael1) was born on 23 Apr 1767 in Hebron, Washington, New York.

    Susannah married Pardon Crandall about 1783 in Hebron, Washington, New York. Pardon (son of Nathan Crandall and Bathsheba Pierce) was born in 1761 in Hopkinton, Washington, Rhode Island; died on 24 Mar 1837 in Hebron, Washington, New York. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. 7. David Crandall  Descendancy chart to this point was born in 1789 in Hebron, Washington, New York; died on 12 Mar 1861 in La Harpe, Hancock, Illinois.

Generation: 7

  1. 7.  David CrandallDavid Crandall Descendancy chart to this point (6.Susannah6, 5.Sarah5, 4.Joanna4, 3.Robert3, 2.John2, 1.Michael1) was born in 1789 in Hebron, Washington, New York; died on 12 Mar 1861 in La Harpe, Hancock, Illinois.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: 1 Jun 1795, Caldwell, Warren, New York



    From Our Crandall and Beckstead Ancestors:

    "The families of David Crandall and his in-laws, the McBrides, remained close and moved from one place to another together. David and his family heard the Gospel in the home of his mother-in-law. [...] The family moved from New York to Kirtland, Ohio, in 1835. Late in 1835, David, Margaret and Daniel Mead Crandall went to Pike County. Most of the family remained in Kirtland. It is in Pike County where their youngest child was born. Daniel returned to Kirtland that year and David and Margaret remained in Missouri. They went through the same persecutions as did the other Saints there. [...] From Missouri, David and Margaret moved to Quincy, Illinois in about 1838, and met up with the rest of the family. They stayed in Quincy for three years. In 1841, the moved to LaHarpe, Illinois, twenty three miles east of Nauvoo, where there was a thriving branch of the church. [...] David and Margaret were endowed on August 24, 1843, in Nauvoo, in the office of the President.

    "David Married Mrs. Jerusha Smith sometime between the death of Margaret and when the Saints left the area in 1846. She had children from her first marriage. [...] Two reasons kept David in LaHarpe: his youngest daughter, Margaret Ann, had mental limitations and he knew that she would not be able to handle the arduous trip west; and his second wife, who was not a member of the Church, refused to go. [...] In 1853, his daughter, Margaret Ann, died."

    David married Margaret Ann McBride about 1810. Margaret (daughter of Rev. Daniel McBride and Abigail Mead) was born in 1795 in Chester, Washington, New York; died in Aug 1845 in La Harpe, Hancock, Illinois. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. 8. Myron Nathan Crandall  Descendancy chart to this point was born on 17 Aug 1818 in Genesee, New York; died on 4 Aug 1860 in Springville, Utah, Utah.

Generation: 8

  1. 8.  Myron Nathan CrandallMyron Nathan Crandall Descendancy chart to this point (7.David7, 6.Susannah6, 5.Sarah5, 4.Joanna4, 3.Robert3, 2.John2, 1.Michael1) was born on 17 Aug 1818 in Genesee, New York; died on 4 Aug 1860 in Springville, Utah, Utah.


    His wedding to Tryphena Bisbee was performed by Hyrum Smith, brother of Joseph Smith. He and his family were among the eight families that founded what is now Springville, Utah.

    Life sketch of Myron Nathan Crandall, author unknown:

    Myron Nathan Crandall, the fourth child of David Crandall and Margret McBride, was born in Genessee County, western New York on 17 Aug 1818. In 1823 the family moved to Villanova, NY where they lived for about eleven years. There they heard the gospel, joined the church and moved to Kirtland, Ohio. Myron Nathan was fifteen years old. The family then followed the church migrations from Kirtland to Missourit then to Quincy, IL and later to LaHarpe, IL, not far from Nauvoo.

    On Jan 26, 1841 Myron Nathan married Tryphena Bisbee who had joined the church in 1837 and was living in Nauvoo. They were married in her Uncle Noah Packard's home by Hyrum Smith, brother of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

    Two children were born to them in Illinois, Julia Ann 26 Nov 1841 and Hyrum Oscar 26 Apr 1844. Persecution was so strong against the church the members were forced to leave Illinois.

    In Aug 1844 Myron Nathan's mother died and in 1845 his father married Mrs. Jerusha Smith who was not interested in following the Saints when most of them left Illinois and moved to Iowa. David, his nine year old daughter, Margret Ann, and his new wife, Jerusha, stayed in LaHarpe. Margaret Ann died there at age seventeen.

    Myron Nathan, his married brothers and sisters with their spouses and children, and his three unmarried brothers left Illinois about 1847 and settled in Kanesville, Iowa. Myron Nathan built the first dugout in the community. In 1848 his third child, Myron Edgar was born and during this period their first child, Julia Ann suffered a severe hip injury which left her permanetly crippled and they were unable to travel with her for some time.

    Early in June 1850 the Crandalls left Kanesville to go to Utah with the Aaron Johnson Company. There were 22 in the Crandall group as follows: Eliza Crandall, her husband John Deal and 4 children; Myron N Crandall, his wife Tryphena Bisbee and 3 children; Spicer Wells, his wife Orinda Spafford; Emiline Crandall, husband Richard Bird and 2 children; Laura Crandall her husband Willis K Johnson; Martin Pardon Crandall age 20 unmarried; Lucien Delancy Crandall age 18 unmarried; Nelson David Crandall age 16 unmarried.

    While in Kanesville Myron Nathan owned a six acre farm, had a span of horses, two yoke of oxen, two cows and sufficient provisions to last two years; consequently, they came across the plains with fewer hardships than many of the Saints. Myron's kindness and thoughtfulness for his wife, who was pregnant, was shown by his taking a rocking chair and a small cook stove for her comfort and a hammock for his crippled daughter which swung from the wagon bows and made her journey more bearable.

    In the latter part of June tragedy struck the company. Aaron Johnson's wife, Polly Kelsey, Spicer Crandall's wife Irinda Spafford, her mother four of her brothers and sisters and Willis K Johnson, husband of Laura Crandall, all died of Cholera. They were buried near the Platte river in Nebraska.

    The Aaron Johnson Company arrived in Salt Lake 12 September 1850. Brigham Young requested the first eight wagons to go to Springville and build a fort there. The teams comprised those of Aaron Johnson, Myron Nathan Crandall, Martin Pardon Crandall, William Miller, John W Deal, Richard Bird, and Amos Warren and his brother.

    In November 1850 Myron Nathan and Tryphena's fourth child, Franklin Austin, was born, the first child born in the settlement.

    Before the first winter set in a fort was competed and the church organization effected. The Springville fort was built on a rise and covered 1.5 acres of ground. It was located near the northwest corner of Main and Center streets. All the houses faced the enclosure with their doors and window opening into it. For safety measures there were no windows on the outside of the cabins. There were gates on the east and west sides of the fort and bastions at the corners. In times of trouble the cattle were driven inside the enclosure for protection.

    Aaron Johnson was the first bishop with William Miller and Myron Nathan Crandall as his counselors. For the first two years church was held in the fort but later Aaron Johnson built a large adobe home with one large room reserved for church, social gatherings and dances.

    During the winter of 1851-2 Springville was surveyed and a site chosen for a city square and a school. The rest of the lots which were 12.5 rods square were chosen by drawing a number out of a box. The lot drawn by Myron Nathan is located at what is now the northwest corner of Main street and Second north.

    In 1852 the legislature approved a charter for Springville and held an election to appoint a mayor and alderman. Myron Nathan was appointed an alderman and his duties included acting as Justice of the Peace, a position he held until his death.

    Myron Nathan had received his endowmnets at Nauvoo but was not sealed until it could be done in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.

    He entered into plural marriage with Susanna Wimmer 9 Dec 1854 and with Mary Hurst 11 Mar 1857. He was a hard worker and a good provider.

    While sickling grain Myron Nathan became overheated, contracted pneumonia and died 4 August 1860, age 42. He was survived by his three wives and eleven children, seven by Tryphena, two by Susanna Wimmer and two by Mary Hurst.

    Tryphena died in 1863 and she and Myron Nathan are buried in the old Springville cemetery with a suitable marker on their graves. His other wives married his brothers. Susanna Wimmer Crandall married Spicer Wills Crandall and gave birth to seven more children. she died in 1918. Mary Hurst Crandall married Martin Pardon Crandall and had one child. In 1875 she married Amost Maycock and had three more children.

    While the life of Myron Nathan Crandall covered only 42 years it was a life filled with hardship, responsibilities and tribulations but also major accomplishments, blessings and rewards. He was a valiant pioneer and a most faithful church leader.

    Myron Nathan's father, David, and his mother, Margret McBride, led the family into the church and journeyed together from Villanova to Missouri and Nauvoo. Myron Nathan, his good wife and his brothers and sisters stayed together through the tribulations from Nauvoo to Utah. The Crandall posterity now numbers in the thousands and the benefits of the struggles and hardships their ancestors endured in remaining faithful to the church.

    Myron married Tryphena Bisbee on 26 Jan 1841 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois. Tryphena (daughter of James Bisbee and Polly Packard) was born on 4 Apr 1819 in McDonough, Chenango, New York; died on 12 Oct 1863 in Springville, Utah, Utah. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. 9. Hyrum Oscar Crandall  Descendancy chart to this point was born on 26 Apr 1844 in La Harpe, Hancock, Illinois; died on 29 Apr 1904 in Driggs, Teton, Idaho; was buried in Driggs Cemetery, Driggs, Teton, Idaho.