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July 2, 2002

New sofabed for sale, and other developments
Posted by Teresa at 12:48 PM *

Vanessa Felice needs to offload it. It’s been slept on exactly twice, which is less use than it would get on a showroom floor; also she’s a nonsmoker and doesn’t have a cat, if that’s a concern. The store listed the sofabed as a queen, but Vanessa thinks it’s a full. It’s upholstered in woven fabric, “kind of a brown and tan floral kind of thing.” It was $1,000 from Seaman’s. Vanessa will take $650, including delivery if you live in NYC. If you don’t have any sofabed sheets, she’ll throw those in too.

And while we’re on the subject: If you’re looking for an assistant (types, files, runs interference; has great phone skills, common sense, and work experience in several chronically frantic industries), Vanessa is also available. Send queries on either subject to me at, or post them in the Comments section, and I’ll pass them on to her.

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