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July 4, 2012

Hey, hey, it’s the Fourth of July
Posted by Patrick at 01:24 AM * 25 comments

Dave Alvin, “Jubilee Train/Do Re Mi

Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, “Deportees

Ella Fitzgerald, “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)

Sister Rosetta Tharpe, “Up Above My Head

Thelonious Monk, “Epistrophy

Leonard Cohen, “Democracy

Comments on Hey, hey, it's the Fourth of July:
#1 ::: Jacque ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 06:53 AM:

Happy happy, coupla hours behind ya. ('Cept it's gonna be a fireworks-less 4th around here. It seems the sheriff would prefer the entire state not go up the flue this month.)

#2 ::: Serge Broom ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 07:19 AM:

Let's not forget the Muppets's rendition of "Stars & Stripes Forever".

#3 ::: Serge Broom ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 07:31 AM:

" I never asked for more. After all, I am Mrs. John Adams and that's quite enough for one lifetime."
"Is it, Abby?"
"Well, think of it, John, to be married to the man who is always the first in line to be hanged!"

#4 ::: abi ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 08:17 AM:

Sadly, the song I wanted to post isn't on YouTube: "Ellis Island", by Marc Cohn.

#5 ::: Kip W ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 10:20 AM:

Vladimir Horowitz's version of Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever. Possibly my favorite piano transcription. Dad saw him do this in concert and says he never heard anyone get so much volume from a single piano.

For guitar fans, here's Guy Van Duser's version. I first heard this played by Chet Atkins on "Soundstage." Chet said there was this 17-year-old kid in Louisiana who just worshipped him; played along with his records until he could do every single note. "Nobody told him that those were multi-tracked," Chet added.

Happy 4th, everybody, everywhere, holiday or not.

#6 ::: Kip W ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 11:23 AM:

More patriotism from Albert Brooks! Rewriting the National Anthem
("Nobody sings it on the way to work any more…")

AND "A Phone Call to Americans" (with Harry Shearer)
("We play the Star Spangled Banner at ball games, but still, one team always loses!!")

unrelated — Here's the same bit Albert did the first time he was on Ed Sullivan, as the last ventriloquist act you'll ever need to see, "Dave and Danny"
("Well, why don't ya have a cigarette? That always calms ya down!")

#7 ::: Serge Broom ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 12:19 PM:

Kip W... Albert Brooks, Albert Einstein...

#9 ::: Alexandre Owen Muñiz ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 03:05 PM:

I was expecting the Anglo-Saxon and Middle English translations of the Declaration of Independence.

#10 ::: Dave Bell ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 03:21 PM:

I have a relevant Latin text, though only a little is still valid law:

Johannes dei gracia rex Anglie, dominus Hibernie, dux Normannie, Aquitannie et comes Andegavie, archiepiscopis, episcopis, abbatibus, comitibus, baronibus, justiciariis, forestariis, vicecomitibus, prepositis, ministris et omnibus ballivis et fidelibus suis salutem. Sciatis nos intuitu Dei et pro salute anime nostre et omnium antecessorum et heredum nostrorum ad honorem Dei et exaltacionem sancte Ecclesie, et emendacionem regni nostri, per consilium venerabilium patrum nostrorum, Stephani Cantuariensis archiepiscopi totius Anglie primatis et sancte Romane ecclesie cardinalis, Henrici Dublinensis archiepiscopi, Willelmi Londoniensis, Petri Wintoniensis, Joscelini Bathoniensis et Glastoniensis, Hugonis Lincolniensis, Walteri Wygorniensis, Willelmi Coventrensis, et Benedicti Roffensis, episcoporum; magistri Pandulfi domini pape subdiaconi et familiaris, fratris Aymerici magistri milicie Templi in Anglia; et nobilium virorum Willelmi Mariscalli comitis Penbrocie, Willelmi comitis Sarrisberie, Willelmi comitis Warennie, Willelmi comitis Arundellie, Alani de Galeweya constabularii Scocie, Warini filii Geroldi, Petri filii Hereberti, Huberti de Burgo senescalli Pictavie, Hugonis de Nevilla, Mathei filli Hereberti, Thome Basset, Alani Basset, Philippi de Albiniaco, Roberti de Roppel', Johannis Mariscalli, Johannis filii Hugonis et aliorum fidelium nostrorum:

1. In primis concessisse Deo et hac presenti carta nostra confirmasse, pro nobis et heredibus nostris in perpetuum, quod Anglicana ecclesie libera sit, et habeat jura sua integra, et libertates suas illesas; et ita volumus observari; quod apparet ex eo quod libertatem electionum, que maxima et magis necessaria reputatur ecclesie Anglicane, mera et spontanea voluntate, ante discordiam inter nos et barones nostros motam, concessimus et carta nostra confirmavimus, et eam obtinuimus a domino papa Innocentio tercio confirmari; quam et nos observabimus et ab heredibus nostris in perpetuum bona fide volumus observari. Concessimus eciam omnibus liberis hominibus regni nostri, pro nobis et heredibus nostris in perpetuum, omnes libertates subscriptas, habendas et tenendas eis et heredibus suis, de nobis et heredibus nostris.

13. Et civitas Londoniarum habeat omnes antiquas libertates et liberas consuetudines suas, tam per terras quam per aquas. Preterea volumus et concedimus quod omnes alie civitates, et burgi, et ville, et portus, habeant omnes libertates et liberas consuetudines suas. [Articles, c. 32; 1225, c. 9.]

39. Nullus liber homo capiatur, vel imprisonetur, aut disseisiatur, aut utlagetur, aut exuletur, aut aliquo modo destruatur, nec super eum ibimus, nec super eum mittemus, nisi per legale judicium parium suorum vel per legem terre. [Articles, c. 29; 1225, c. 29.]

40. Nulli vendemus, nulli negabimus aut differemus rectum aut justiciam. [Articles, c. 30; 1225 c. 29.]

#11 ::: Linkmeister ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 07:35 PM:

I am thoroughly annoyed with Mozilla and Adobe for not getting their respective acts together to solve the incompatibility issues between Firefox 13 and Flash 11.3. If I want to see a video in Firefox I have to jump through hoops to uninstall Flash 11.3 and go back to 10.2. Alternatively I can boot up IE and see them that way, but what a pain this is.

#12 ::: Ken Houghton ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 08:26 PM:

Missing Martina McBride's version of Gretchen Peters's "Independence Day."

#13 ::: Jim Macdonald ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 08:49 PM:

Linkmeister #11

I'm having the same problem with the current Firefox and the current Flash.

My solution is to go to Chrome when I want to watch a video. But it is a pain, and I like, am used to, and have all my stuff in, Firefox.

#14 ::: Lenny Bailes ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 09:39 PM:

Patrick's celebratory links, this year, convey an awareness of our national problems coupled with notes of hope for resolution through spiritual transcendence. This resonance suggested to me that I should probably not respond, this year, by posting a YouTube link to Wakko Warner's rendition of the State Capitals or the Presidents -- since this year's theme is about the populace perservering, rather than the glory of our country.

Similarly, I refrain from linking to the Dylan/Band "Tears of Rage," which speaks to our political frustration in the metaphor of a personal relationship gone sour.

I'd never heard the Dave Alvin song before. Thanks! It has a kind of Highway 61/Brown Eyed Handsome man cadence lent to a more upbeat piece of hope for economic salvation.

#15 ::: Xopher HalfTongue ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 09:58 PM:

Fireworks were more exciting when I was younger. Even though they're fancier now.

#16 ::: Xopher HalfTongue ::: (view all by) ::: July 04, 2012, 10:05 PM:

Some of the things they can do the ones that go up white, then turn red, then turn blue...are amazing. But they just don't excite me like they did when I was 12.

Also the drunken...frat boys? Republicans? ...on the next rooftop over singing "God Bless America" would have been fine, had they been able to agree on a key. Apparently "Republicans fall in line" doesn't apply to music, alas. As it was, they each had their own unique and special vision of what key to sing in, and the resulting sonic miasma was impressive, but not in a good way.

#17 ::: Lee ::: (view all by) ::: July 05, 2012, 12:08 AM:

Xopher, #16: That sucks. Here, have some fireworks guaranteed fratboy-free -- that's from the Pasadena, TX display where we were tonight. My camera is useless for individual fireworks photos, but the video from the Grand Finale display came out decent.

#18 ::: Fragano Ledgister ::: (view all by) ::: July 05, 2012, 07:41 AM:

Dave Bell #10:

There's also this document; I especially note the passage I've bolded.:

Sanctissimo Patri in Christo ac Domino, domino Johanni, diuina prouidiencia Sacrosancte Romane et Vniuersalis Ecclesie Summo Pontifici, Filii Sui Humiles et deuoti Duncanus Comes de Fyf, Thomas Ranulphi Comes Morauie Dominus Mannie et Vallis Anandie, Patricius de Dumbar Comes Marchie, Malisius Comes de Stratheryne, Malcolmus Comes de Leuenax, Willelmus Comes de Ross, Magnus Comes Cathanie et Orkadie et Willelmus Comes Suthirlandie; Walterus Senescallus Scocie, Willelmus de Soules Buttelarius Scocie, Jacobus Dominus de Duglas, Rogerus de Moubray, Dauid Dominus de Brechyn, Dauid de Graham, Ingeramus de Vmfrauille, Johannes de Menetethe Custos Comitatus de Menetethe, Alexander Fraser, Gilbertus de Haya Constabularius Scocie, Robertus de Keth Marescallus Scocie, Henricus de Sancto Claro, Johannes de Graham, Dauid de Lindesay, Willelmus Olifaunt, Patricius de Graham, Johannes de Fentoun, Willelmus de Abirnithy, Dauid de Wemys, Willelmus de Montefixo, Fergusius de Ardrossane, Eustachius de Maxwell, Willelmus de Ramesay, Willelmus de Montealto, Alanus de Morauia, Douenaldus Cambell, Johannes Cambrun, Reginaldus le chen, Alexander de Setoun, Andreas de Lescelyne, et Alexander de Stratoun, Ceterique Barones et Liberetenenetes ac tota Communitas Regni Scocie, omnimodam Reuerenciam filialem cum deuotis Pedum osculis beatorum.
Scimus, Sanctissime Pater et Domine, et ex antiquorum gestis et libris Colligimus quod inter Ceteras naciones egregias nostra scilicet Scottorum nacio multis preconijs fuerit insignita, que de Maiori Schithia per Mare tirenium et Columpnas Herculis transiens et in Hispania inter ferocissimas gentes per multa temporum curricula Residens a nullis quantumcumque barbaricis poterat allicubi gentibus subiugari. Indeque veniens post mille et ducentos annos a transitu populi israelitici per mare rubrum sibi sedes in Occidente quas nunc optinet, expulsis primo Britonibus et Pictis omnino deletis, licet per Norwagienses, Dacos et Anglicos sepius inpugnata fuerit, multis cum victorijs et Laboribus quamplurimis adquisuit, ipsaque ab omni seruitute liberas, vt Priscorum testantur Historie, semper tenuit. In quorum Regno Centum et Tredescim Reges de ipsorum Regali prosapia, nullo alienigena interueniente, Regnauerunt.

Quorum Nobilitates et Merita, licet ex aliis non clarerent, satis patenter effulgent ex eo quod Rex Regum et dominancium dominus Jhesus Christus post passionem suam et Resurreccionem ipsos in vltimis terre finibus constitutos quasi primos ad suam fidem sanctissimam conuocauit. Nec eos per quemlibet in dicta fide confirmari voluit set per suum primum apostolum vocacione quamuis ordine secundum vel tercium, sanctum Andream mitissimum beati Petri Germanum, quem semper ipsis preesse voluit vt Patronum.

Hec autem Sanctissimi Patres et Predecessores vestri sollicita mente pensantes ipsum Regnum et populum vt beati Petri germani peculium multis fauoribus et priuilegijs quamplurimis Munierunt, Ita quippe quod gens nostra sub ipsorum proteccione hactenus libera deguit et quieta donec ille Princeps Magnificus Rex Anglorum Edwardus, pater istius qui nunc est, Regnum nostrum acephalum populumque nullius mali aut doli nec bellis aut insultibus tunc assuetum sub amici et confederati specie inimicabiliter infestauit. Cuius iniurias, Cedes, violencias, predaciones, incendia, prelatorum incarceraciones, Monasteriorum combustiones, Religiosorum spoliaciones et occisiones alia quoque enormia et innumera que in dicto populo exercuit, nulli parcens etati aut sexui, Religioni aut ordini, nullus scriberet nec ad plenum intelligeret nisi quem experiencia informaret.

A quibus Malis innumeris, ipso Juuante qui post uulnera medetur et sanat, liberati sumus per strenuissimum Principem, Regem et Dominum nostrum, Dominum Robertum, qui pro populo et hereditate suis de manibus Inimicorum liberandis quasi alter Machabeus aut Josue labores et tedia, inedias et pericula, leto sustinuit animo. Quem eciam diuina disposicio et iuxta leges et Consuetudines nostra, quas vsque ad mortem sustinere volumus, Juris successio et debitus nostrorum omnium Consensus et Assensus nostrum fecerunt Principem atque Regem, cui tanquam illi per quem salus in populo nostro facta est pro nostra libertate tuenda tam Jure quam meritis tenemur et volumus in omnibus adherere.

Quem si ab inceptis desisteret, regi Anglorum aut Anglicis nos aut Regnum nostrum volens subicere, tanquam inimicum nostrum et sui nostrique Juris subuersorem statim expellere niteremur et alium Regem nostrum qui ad defensionem nostram sufficeret faceremus. Quia quamdiu Centum ex nobis viui remanserint, nuncquam Anglorum dominio aliquatenus volumus subiugari. Non enim propter gloriam, diuicias aut honores pugnamus set propter libertatem solummodo quam Nemo bonus nisi simul cum vita amittit. Hinc est, Reuerende Pater et Domine,

Quod sanctitatem vestram omni precum instancia genuflexis cordibus exoramus quatinus sincero corde Menteque pia recensentes quod apud eum cuius vices in terris geritis cum non sit Pondus nec distinccio Judei et greci, Scoti aut Anglici, tribulaciones et angustias nobis et Ecclesie dei illatas ab Anglicis paternis occulis intuentes, Regem Anglorum, cui sufficere debet quod possidet cum olim Anglia septem aut pluribus solebat sufficere Regibus, Monere et exhortari dignemini vt nos scotos, in exili degentes Scocia vltra quam habitacia non est nichilque nisi nostrum Cupientes, in pace dimittat. Cui pro nostra procuranda quiete quicquid possumus, ad statum nostrum Respectu habito, facere volumus cum effectu.

Vestra enim interest, sancte Pater, hoc facere qui paganorum feritatem, Christianorum culpis exigentibus, in Christianos seuientem aspicitis et Christianorum terminos arctari indies, quantumque vestre sanctitatis memorie derogat si (quod absit) Ecclesia in aliqua sui parte vestris temporibus patiatur eclipsim aut Scandalum, vos videritis. Excitet igitur Christianos Principes qui non causam vt causam ponentes se fingunt in subsidium terre sancte propter guerras quas habent cum proximis ire non posse. Cuius inpedimenti Causa est verior quod in Minoribus proximis debellandis vtilitas proprior et resistencia debilior estimantur. Set quam leto corde dictus dominus Rex noster et Nos si Rex Anglorum nos is pace dimitteret illus iremus qui nichil ignorat satis novit. Quod Christi vicario totique Christianitati ostendimus et testamur.

Quibus si sanctitas vestra Anglorum relatibus nimis credula fidem sinceram non adhibeat aut ipsis in nostram confusionem fauere non desinat, corporum excidia, animarum exicia, et cetera que sequentur incomoda que ipsi in nobis et Nos in ipsis fecerimus vobis ab altissimo credimus inputanda.

Ex quo sumus et erimus in hiis que tenemur tanquam obediencie filii vobis tanquam ipsius vicario parati in omnibus complacere, ipsique tanquam Summo Regi et Judici causam nostram tuendam committimus, Cogitatium nostrum Jactantes in ipso sperantesque firmiter quod in nobis virtutem faciet et ad nichilum rediget hostes nostros.

Sanctitatem ac sanitatem vestram conseruet altissimus Ecclesie sue sancte per tempora diuturna.

Datum apud Monasterium de Abirbrothoc in Scocis Sexto die mensis Aprilis Anno gracie Millesimo Trescentesimo vicesimo Anno vero Regni Regis nostri supradicti Quinto decimo.

#19 ::: Fragano Ledgister has been Gnomed ::: (view all by) ::: July 05, 2012, 07:43 AM:

Their Gnomish Lownesses have come out against Scottish independence (at least in Latin). I'd offer them Scotch, but all I have is rum.

#20 ::: Paul A. ::: (view all by) ::: July 05, 2012, 08:15 AM:

abi #4:

Is this it?

#21 ::: Cheryl ::: (view all by) ::: July 05, 2012, 09:58 AM:

You can hear about 30 seconds of Marc Cohn's "Ellis Island" on his website:

You can also hear it on, although I'm not sure if that's available everywhere (I can't get to it here at work).

#22 ::: Paula Helm Murray ::: (view all by) ::: July 05, 2012, 11:09 PM:

Leonard Cohen is someone I might marry in a heartbeat after his latest recording session.... if I wasn't already so deep in relationships that it can't happen. I have seen him live here in Kansas City, me who is goofy about crowds, packed houses, etc. Jim and Jeff sat on either side of me, we were in a good spot in the Midland Theatre and we were on the balcony row.

And his latest album has me in love all over again.

#23 ::: P J Evans ::: (view all by) ::: July 05, 2012, 11:24 PM:

And to close out the videos for the 4th:
San Diego had something go seriously Rong.

#24 ::: abi ::: (view all by) ::: July 06, 2012, 04:04 AM:

Paul A @20:

That's a cover of it, but I prefer Cohn's version.

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