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November 1, 2022

Status report, and a request
Posted by Patrick at 03:24 PM * 0 comments

As I said earlier today on both Twitter and Facebook, I’ve done just about everything I can to get this site going again. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include getting the comment system to actually work. And the kludges I’ve added to Making Light’s ancient Movable Type templates in order to prod the site back to life aren’t really sustainable in the long (or even medium) run.

We need someone with real technical chops who can migrate Making Light from Movable Type 4.34 to (probably) WordPress for us. The full archive, posts, images, comments, the front page, the four sideblogs, and so forth. Ideally this would include replicating the “look” of the current site as closely as possible. We know that a job like this will entail a fair amount of skill and handwork and we’re prepared to pay professional rates.

Google shows us a number of individuals and firms that offer this kind of service, but before we make a decision, we’d like to hear any specific recommendations that anyone reading this might have. Recommendations of particular people or firms, that is, not suggestions that entail us becoming experts at PHP or server config files. My email address is, as ever, pnh at panix dot com.

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