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Advice for the Evil Overlord:
Ropes supporting various fixtures will not be tied next to open windows or staircases, and chandeliers will be hung way at the top of the ceiling.
Advice for the Hero:
The assistance of politicians will be obtained by appealing to their self-interest. Any politician who appears to be cooperating with me out of the kindness of his heart is actually plotting to betray me at some point.
Advice for the Bad Auxiliary Character (Legion of Doom Troops):
Don't attack the hero alone or in pairs. The Evil Overlord hired a million of you for a reason.
Advice for the Good Auxiliary Character (Innocent Bystander):
Don't make the snack run alone. Bring someone else with you.
Further Evil (Advice for the Evil Empress):
While seduction has its place in my arsenal, I realize that "evil" and "skanky" are not mutually inclusive. Royal Dressmakers unable to realize this fact will be flayed alive in the presence of their replacements.

Murphy's Laws of Combat:

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