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Advice for the Evil Overlord:
All guest-quarters will be bugged and monitored so that I can keep track of what the visitors I have for some reason allowed to roam about my fortress are actually plotting.
Advice for the Hero:
If I am granted a vision of the future, I will not try to prevent anything that I see. It never works.
Advice for the Bad Auxiliary Character (Alien or Monster on the Rampage):
Inoculate before invasion.
Advice for the Good Auxiliary Character (Innocent Bystander):
If you are a police officer, bank guard, or night watchman, and somebody breaches the concrete walls of your facility, it is generally a waste of time trying to ask them about their business.
Further Evil (Advice for the Evil Empress):
I will reevaluate any job that requires manipulating a man in my thrall. Chances are one of my Amazons could do the job with less risk.

Murphy's Laws of Combat:

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