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April 7, 2002

Blog parents Since Glenn Reynolds is waxing proud about the many weblogs that acknowledge having started because of his—and well he should—I just want to note the blog that stands in that relationship to Electrolite. Which is, in fact, Avram Grumer’s fine Pigs and Fishes. Still going; still kicking against the received wisdom on any number of subjects; still notable for poise, style, and a sense of humor; and still very much worth your time. [10:43 PM]
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Kate Nepveu ::: (view all by) ::: April 07, 2002, 11:19 PM:

I note how many of those are hosted on BlogSpot, and sigh. aa(As-you-know-Bob, BlogSpot is the free with ads, $12/yr without [that is, really really cheap] web space that Blogger lets people publish to. It is under a great deal of stress lately, as it was never intended to be a permanent home for heavy-traffic blogs [1]. While Glenn Reynolds in particular has lately taken steps to reduce the amount of bandwidth he is consuming [2], and has stated he's looking to move (though one place he talked to couldn't handle the bandwidth he consumed!), well, *le sigh* all the same. aa[1] http://www.philringnalda.com/main/archives/2002_03_03_main.inc#75002755 aa[2] http://www.philringnalda.com/main/archives/2002_03_24_main.inc#75044407 )aa(And, I dunno, it's cool that a few friends have also started book logs because Chad & I did [which is all TNH's fault], but as I keep saying, if only I could harness this power for something _useful_...)