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May 7, 2007

Live in New York City, it’s Whisperado
Posted by Patrick at 04:41 PM *

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 8, eight PM at the Parkside Lounge, 317 E Houston St, between Avenues B and C.

New venue, new songs, new onstage patter. Seriously, it’s by report a “good listening room,” so it would be nice to pull enough of an audience to get rebooked. Hope to see you there!

Comments on Live in New York City, it's Whisperado:
#1 ::: TexAnne ::: (view all by) ::: May 07, 2007, 06:14 PM:

So tell me--do New Yorkers really pronounce that street "HOW-ston"?

#2 ::: P J Evams ::: (view all by) ::: May 07, 2007, 06:26 PM:

TexAnne, that's what I was told when I visited the city 35 years ago. Surprised me, too: I'd never heard it pronounced that way before. (Too many Texans and not enough New Yorkers in my social life?)

#3 ::: Patrick Nielsen Hayden ::: (view all by) ::: May 07, 2007, 06:58 PM:


We also pronounce Soho "Soohoo", and the Greenwich in "Greenwich Village" "Greenovitz."

Subway newsvendors make all their money from beverage sales. The magazines and snacks are free; take as many as you like.

Since all cabs are based in the farthest reaches of Queens, it is unecessary to tip when taking a cab to that borough.

Crosstown buses are customarily hailed by lying prone in the street.

You really, really, can't fight City Hall.

#4 ::: Teresa Nielsen Hayden ::: (view all by) ::: May 07, 2007, 07:01 PM:

Well, how else would you pronounce "Houston"?

#5 ::: TexAnne ::: (view all by) ::: May 07, 2007, 07:08 PM:

::carefully copies down Patrick's kind advice::

#6 ::: TexAnne ::: (view all by) ::: May 07, 2007, 07:11 PM:

I dunno, Teresa--maybe the way Sam intended it?

No, really. I thought I had been practised upon in the days of my youth.

#7 ::: Fragano Ledgister ::: (view all by) ::: May 07, 2007, 07:35 PM:

TNH #4: I gather there's some city in Texas called Hugh's Tun, presumably because some fellow named Hugh erected a large vat there.

#8 ::: John Mark Ockerbloom ::: (view all by) ::: May 07, 2007, 09:24 PM:

Well, a branch of our extended family is named Houston, and they pronounce it "HOO-ston".

No relation to Sam, however, as far as we know. Nor to the folks who named that House-ton street in NYC.

#9 ::: P J Evans ::: (view all by) ::: May 07, 2007, 09:29 PM:

Patrick @ 3

Is that really old bridge still for sale?

#10 ::: Steve Taylor ::: (view all by) ::: May 07, 2007, 09:58 PM:

I'd like to go to a gig, but you never play Melbourne. Never.

And I don't mean that place in Florida.

#11 ::: Marilee ::: (view all by) ::: May 08, 2007, 01:24 AM:

I first read that as "Reside in New York" and I'd already decided that was impossible when I read David's ad for an editorial assistant. I reckon he won't ship slush to Virginia.

#12 ::: Robert L ::: (view all by) ::: May 08, 2007, 08:05 PM:

Would be there, since it's just a couple blocks from my house, but I have to work at [popular national weekly] tonight.

#13 ::: Jeremy Preacher ::: (view all by) ::: May 08, 2007, 08:49 PM:

In the actual city it tends to be pronounced YOO-ston, in my experience, so...

#14 ::: Tania ::: (view all by) ::: May 09, 2007, 02:28 AM:

Any reviews of tonight's performance?

Distant minds want to know.

#15 ::: Michael Weholt ::: (view all by) ::: May 09, 2007, 07:08 AM:

Cute bar, nice back room for music, the waitress told an interesting story at the bar about her brother being stabbed three times in Montreal. She clarified he was stabbed three times in one attack, not one time on three separate occasions, lest you think Montreal is completely out of control.

Some technical difficulties with the equipment that the venue provided, but the band played through valiantly. The music is always fun, the lead singer's voice (I realized last night) reminds be of that guy who sang "Hey, look, ma, here comes the Elephant Boy, all dressed up in his corduroy" who is famous but whose name I cannot now recall. Patrick's guitar work is impressive. The drummer is meaty and enthused and his skills include incorporating his ringing cell phone into the percussion. It was fun and the drinks were not watered, though I tend to generously tip the wait-staff so that might explain that.

Finally, and Patrick will probably get pissed at me for saying this, but this is my thing not his, based on a recent personal experience of mine of people Not Showing Up and so this is my hobby horse, not anybody else's.

Not enough people showed up to support the band. I understand that Life in the City is tough. I understand that the venue happened to be in my neighborhood and so it was an easy walk for me to get there. I understand a lot of stuff, but next time I want to see more people there or there is going to be hell to pay. I'll figure out what "hell" is later but it's going to be bad whatever it is. People in NYC, the City That Never Sleeps, sometimes doze too much after a long day of fighting the battle to stay alive here. All the more reason to get off your ass and go someplace new, I say.

The band plays in interesting little bars, most of which I've never been to even though they are often in my own neighborhood. Anybody who might have come last night could have hobnobbed with the famous Teresa and a couple of other ladies of that night. And there's the music. There are all sorts of reasons to come out and support the band. So, you know, do it.

Okay, I know I have no right to tell anybody what to do. I'm just a little bitch, is all. And I'm sure I've irritated a lot of people, including the band itself, by saying all this.

But you just wait. You just wait until I figure out what sort of hell people will have to pay if they don't show up next time. Boy-oh-boy, it's going to bad, whatever it is, once I figure it out.

#16 ::: Susan ::: (view all by) ::: May 09, 2007, 09:27 AM:

When you google Whisperado, the first result seems to be a former homepage, which has a gig list that hasn't been updated since mid-2006. The second result I believe is the current homepage, with 2007 dates, but the way google lists it (indented) it looks like a subpage of the former, so unless one is particularly alert one doesn't necessarily realize that there's actually something different there to look at. This situation ought to be repaired (mirror the new page to the old one, automatic redirect, manual redirect, something.)

Also, I really dislike right-justified text. Just saying.

#17 ::: Rob Rusick ::: (view all by) ::: May 09, 2007, 09:38 AM:

Michael Weholt @15: Frequently the case. Not NYC (Rochester), but I had friends with a band, and I'd show up at their events, wherever. They were the second band following The Tubes at one event. I got cut off at the bar for drinking too much water (I spent my entertainment budget on the cover charge). The musicians appreciate a venue and an audience, but if they can't have those, they usually enjoy playing.

#18 ::: Avram ::: (view all by) ::: May 10, 2007, 11:18 PM:

TexAnne, Houston Street is named after William Houstoun (1755-1813), a delegate from Georgia to the Continental Congress. New Yorkers pronounce the street's name correctly, but misspell it.

#19 ::: Adam Stemple ::: (view all by) ::: May 16, 2007, 04:24 PM:

Another reason to go see the band is that Patrick is a very good guitarist. Those of you who know me know that I am quite capable of recognizing a good guitarist. I also don't throw compliments around willy-nilly. I've never seen the band, but I have been playing with Patrick at conventions off and on for many years now and have watched him grow into a real talent. If I was ever in town while Whisperado was playing, I would certainly go out of my way to see them. In fact, I'm about due to take my wife out there again...

#20 ::: Patrick Nielsen Hayden ::: (view all by) ::: May 26, 2007, 11:56 AM:

Jeez, Adam, that's extremely flattering coming from you.

Excuse me, I have to go let the excess air out of my head now.

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