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Joel Terrill Freeman

Male 1813 - 1873  (60 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Joel Terrill Freeman was born in 1813 in Kentucky (son of James Brigham Freeman and Mary Polly Moore); died in 1873 in North Carolina.

    Other Events:

    • Alternate birth: 1813, North Carolina


    Correspondence from Libby Freeman Spieth, quoted by "Dolores1630" on

    I'm quite certain that when he (Joel) wasn't farming, he was a traveling salesman. My dad used to talk about him going with his wagon carrying pots, pans, bolts of fabric, nails, etc. and always something special for the ladies like a potato peeler and candy for the kids. He had a regular route when he didn't have crops to tend. In remote areas his visits were really looked forward to.

    After the 1870 Census, Mary [Mary Tye, his second wife] and Joel just drop out of sight. Uncle Sam was the one who was left to raise them (the children). I think that is when my gr-grandfather John went to Elk Valley TN. He managed a lumber business for my other gr-grandfather Jasper Newton White (Newt) and that is also how he met my gr-grandmother Teresa Allen. They returned to Whitley.


    Joel Freeman contested his father's will. He won one hundred acres in Meadow Creek, NC in 1847. In March of 1848 he sold the acreage to Issac Owens for 130.00. Alfred Franklin White contends that Joel and Mary TYE (2nd wife) were killed in a carriage accident traveling between KY and NC. They both suddenly disappeared. The children of JOEL FREEMAN and MARY TYE are not recognized by the rest of the FREEMAN clan.

    Note [from "Dolores1630" on]: There is no record or verification of this accident or deaths of Joel and Mary. It's considered to be family legend until verified. Mary and Joel went to NC one day and for whatever reason, never returned. Oldest son, Samuel, from Joel's first marriage, raised the younger children, including my grandfather, John.

    Deed of Conveyance, 1847:

    Whitley CO., KY (Deed Book #3) 24 August 1848: "This deed of conveyance made this 24th day of August 1858. Witnesseth that at the August term of the interlocutory decree of said curcuit cout appointed a commissioner for and on behalf of the AARON FREEMAN, POLLY STEVENS and NANCY PERKINS and the unknown heirs of JAMES FREEMAN deceased to convey to JOEL FREEMAN by Decreased of quit claim a certain tract or parcel of land in complainents bill mentioned in a suit in chancery pending in said court in which said JOEL FREEMAN is complainant and said heirs of the said JAMES FREEMAN deceased are defendants. Now I, ADDISON WILLIAMS commissioner as aforesaid forand on befalf of the said AARON FREEMAN, POLLY STEVENS,NANCY PERKINS and the unknown heirs of the said JAMES FREEMAN deceased for and in consideration of the (premises) and for and in consideration fo the interlocutory decree aforesaid give grant bargain sell (endow) convey and confirm unto the said JOEL FREEMAN and his heirs or assigns a certain tract or parcel of land situate lyning and being in Whitley County on a branch of Meadow Creek containing one hundred acres and is the same land on which said JAMES FREEMAN resided at the time of his death and left by the said JAMES in the possession of the said JOEL FREEMAN as set forth and descibed in the complainant bill herein. The said JOEL FREEMAN to have and to hold to him and his heirs or assigns forever. And the said ADDISON WILLIAMS commissioner as aforesaid for and behalf of the said ARRON FREEMAN, POLLY STEVENS, and NANCY PERKINS and the unknown heirs of the aforesaid JAMES FREEMAN deceased hereby covenant and agree that he will forever warrant and defend a good and sufficient right and title to said land against the claim or claims of themselves and thie heirs and against the claim or claims of all and every other person, persons claim for claimants whatever claiming by through or under them or either of them but (agrees) no to her person or persons but it is distinctly understood that the said WILLIAMS makes this conveyance as a commissioner of the court only and is not to be responsible in any way for the title. In testimony whereof the said parties of thefirst part by ADDISON WILLIAMS commissioner as aforesaid hereunto subscribe above written. Dated 26 August 1847. Signed: AARON FREEMAN, NANCY PERKINS, POLLY STEVENS, The unknown heirs of JAMES FREEMAN, deceased by A. WILLIAMS, commissioner Whitley Conuty Court. 24 March 1848

    JOEL FREEMAN sold one hundred acres on Meadow Creek to ISAAC OWENS for 130.00.

    Application for post-Civil War Presidential pardon?

    The database Confederate Applications for Presidential Pardons, 1865-1867 contains paperwork related to the application by a Joel T. Freeman of Bear Wallow, North Carolina for a pardon and the restoration of his full citizenship by President Andrew Johnson. In it he explains that before the rebellion he was a postmaster and that this was the only role in which he can be held to have supported the Confederacy. We cannot determine from the papers whether this pardon was granted, or whether this is that same individual as our Joel Terrill Freeman.

    Family/Spouse: Mary Sego. Mary (daughter of James Seago and Sarah Ann "Sally" Holt) was born in 1811 in Kentucky; died in Apr 1855 in Whitley County, Kentucky. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

    1. Charles William Freeman was born on 7 Jan 1845; died on 13 Jan 1917; was buried in Wofford Cemetery, Wofford, Whitley, Kentucky.
    2. John Freeman was born on 6 Jun 1850 in Kentucky; died on 18 Jan 1931 in Wofford, Whitley, Kentucky; was buried in Wofford Cemetery, Wofford, Whitley, Kentucky.
    3. Mary Ann Freeman was born in Apr 1854; died on 5 Jan 1928 in Whitley County, Kentucky.

    Joel married Mary Tye in 1858. Mary was born about 1815. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  James Brigham Freeman died in 1830 in Whitley County, Kentucky.


    Said to have served in the Revolution as a quartermaster for Francis Marion (the "Swamp Fox") in South Carolina's Second Brigade.

    James married Mary Polly Moore in 1788 in North Carolina. Mary died about 1835 in Whitley County, Kentucky. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Mary Polly Moore died about 1835 in Whitley County, Kentucky.
    1. Nancy Freeman was born on 14 May 1798 in North Carolina; died on 19 Aug 1870 in Whitley County, Kentucky; was buried in William B. Siler Cemetery, Rockholds, Whitley, Kentucky.
    2. 1. Joel Terrill Freeman was born in 1813 in Kentucky; died in 1873 in North Carolina.