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March 30, 2005

Trivia, only not. I agree with Billmon that there’s an ironic appropriateness to the National Press Club’s idea that the optimal panel for a Big Think session on the relationship of (sober, serious, highminded) journalism to (wild, irresponsible) blogging consists of male escort “Jeff Gannon” and Wonkette author Ana Marie Cox. Nonetheless, I also sympathize with Sean-Paul Kelley’s wacky notion that a panel discussing the “Gannon”/Guckert affair really ought to include one of the bloggers who helped break the story, like for instance the indefatigable (and very media-sharp) John Aravosis. Check out Sean-Paul’s post and consider phoning Julie Shue or Rick Dunham at the The National Press Club, (202) 662-7500 or (202) 662-7501, and expressing your own opinion on the matter.

Why do you suppose the crazy right wing is running so much of the country now? Because they do this stuff, trivial stuff, little stuff, to defend their people and push through their agenda, every time the opportunity arises. [03:27 PM]

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Comments on Trivia, only not.:

Robert L ::: (view all by) ::: March 30, 2005, 08:47 PM:

My impression from an old Washingtonian friend who attends NPC events pretty often is that they basically get whoever they think will be entertaining and/or a big draw, with little thought about fairness or representing conflicting views. I doubt this is an exception.

John D. Berry ::: (view all by) ::: March 31, 2005, 01:53 AM:

What about those of us who have no idea who any of these people are? "Jeff Gannon" is the only name in this paragraph that even looks familiar, and I have no idea who he is.

I think maybe this is a good thing.

Patrick Nielsen Hayden ::: (view all by) ::: March 31, 2005, 07:33 AM:

True. It's too bad there isn't some kind of world-wide information network we could all tap into. If there were, my post could have had tags attached to particular words and proper names which, when invoked with special "browsing" software, could direct the reader to supplemental reading matter about the subjects under discussion.

Mind you, if we had something like that, we'd probably just use it to trade pictures of our cats.

Jack V. ::: (view all by) ::: March 31, 2005, 12:44 PM:

Can you substantiate the notion that the National Press Club's event scheduling is handled or even remotely affected by anyone associated with the "crazy right wing"? It's a shame, of course, that Gannon ever dares to show his face in public again; but as Robert L. suggests, the very controversy around Gannon might be just the thing that attracts schedulers (i.e., infamous names draw an audience).

Patrick Nielsen Hayden ::: (view all by) ::: March 31, 2005, 01:12 PM:

I'm not suggesting that the National Press Club is run by the crazy right wing; I'm pointing out that one of the reasons the CRW is successful at pulling the country in their direction is that they never ignore slights and the rest of us generally do.

Jack V. ::: (view all by) ::: March 31, 2005, 01:53 PM:

Aha, I think I misread your last sentence. You were saying, "Because they do this stuff [meaning that they complain about slights]," whereas I read it as, "Because they do this stuff [meaning that they promote Gannon at the National Press Club while ignoring left-wing bloggers]."

(This is neither here nor there, but I find it interesting that quite a few right-wingers claim to be unhappy with Bush for being too much of a moderate/liberal on a host of issues: Medicare, education, campaign finance reform, assault weapons, immigration, etc.)

Marilee ::: (view all by) ::: April 01, 2005, 09:35 PM:

Patrick, you're allergic to cats, all you'd *have* is pictures.

Have you see last week's Doonesbury? (I'm almost through last Sunday's WashPost now.) Roland has become the new Jeff.

Kevin Andrew Murphy ::: (view all by) ::: April 15, 2005, 10:21 PM:

From what I've heard, Jeff Gannon has shown a bit more than his face.

He's one of the people for whom the question "Have you no shame?" is rather ludicrous.

Beyond that, he's simply a way to pack the house.

A few years from now, we'll see him on hair transplant infomercials.